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Here you will find listed the sheet music currently available for string quartet.
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Gounod - Funeral March of a Marionette

Mendelssohn - Theme from vln concerto, 2nd Mvt.

Sousa - Liberty Bell (Monty Python theme)

Pachelbel - Canon in D

Handel - Where E'er You Walk

JS Bach - Double Vln Concerto, 2nd Mvt.

Elgar - Nimrod

Schubert - March Militaire

Verdi - Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

G&S - Medley

J Strauss - Annen Polka

Delibes - 'Pizzicato' from Sylvia

Herold - Clog Dance (La Fil Mal Gardee)

Pergolesi/Stravinsky - Pulcinella Overture

Tchaikovsky - Waltz from 'Swan Lake'

Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Cygnets

Faure - Pie Jesu from the Requiem

Delibes - Mazurka from 'Coppelia'

Sousa - Washington Post

Berlioz - Racokzy March

Tchaikovsky - Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet

Beethoven- Fur Elise

Sousa - Stars and Stripes Forever

Mozart- Ave Verum

JS Bach- Air on the G string

Mozart- Eine Kliene, 1st Mvt.

Mozart- Eine Kliene, 2nd Mvt


Gardel - Por Una Cabeza

Rodriguez - La Cumparsita

Pablo Beltran - Sway / Cherry Pink

Villoldo - El Choclo

Gardel - Tomo y Obligo

Ross - Hernando's Hideaway / Light My Fire

Ernesto Halffter - Habanera


Elvis - Love Me Tender

Ritchie Valens - La Bamba

Gershwin - Rialto Ripples

Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

Dean Martin - That's Amore


God Save the Queen

The Star Spangled Banner

Title: Funeral March of a Marionette

Composer: Gounod

Level: Intermediate

This well-known piece was used as the theme
tune for 'Hitchcock Presents'.

Title: Theme from violin concerto, 2nd mvt.

Composer: Mendelssohn

Level: Intermediate

This timeless melody is arranged in an
abbreviated version of the movement.


Title: Liberty Bell

Composer: J P Sousa

Level: Intermediate

This Sousa march was used as the theme music for 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'.

Title: Por Una Cabeza (Tango)

Composer: Gardel

Level: Intermediate

One of the most famous tango pieces, used to great effect in the film 'Scent of a Woman'.

Title: She

Composer: Charles Aznavour

Level: Intermediate

This great pop ballad was covered by Elvis Costello for the film 'Notting Hill'

Title: Love Me Tender

Composer: Poulton

Level: Intermediate

Based on an old American theme called Aura
Lee, Love me Tender was a big hit for Elvis. This version starts slow but gets lively, jazzy and syncopated towards the end.

Title: Canon in D

Composer: Pachelbel

Level: Intermediate

This evergreen is a must-have for any quartet.
Very popular as music for the bride's entrance,
but great for any occasion!

Title: Where e'er you walk

Composer: Handel

Level: Intermediate

This serene operatic aria is perfect for use at civil weddings.

Title: sway / cherry pink

Composer: Pablo Beltran

Level: Intermediate

Two latin classics with that 'mambo' feel. They are arranged as a medley but can easily be
played as 2 shorter pieces.

Title: Double Vln Concerto, 2nd Mvt.

Composer: JS Bach

Level: Easy/Intermediate

One of Bach's most sublime movements,
specially adapted for quartet.

Title: La Bamba

Composer: Traditional Mexican

Level: Intermediate

La Bamba is a great party song which bounces along merrily. Although made famous by Ritchie Valens and later Los Lobos, it's actually an old, traditional Mexican song.

Title: Unforgettable

Composer: Nat King Cole

Level: Intermediate

Nat King Cole's classic romantic ballad, with
great jazzy harmonies.

Title: Nimrod

Composer: Elgar

Level: Easy/Intermediate

The noble adagio from the Enigma Variations. Quintessential Elgar!

Title: La Cumparsita

Composer: Rodriguez

Level: Intermediate

The original tango... must be played with a rose between your teeth!

Title: Rialto Ripples

Composer: Gershwin

Level: Intermediate

A lively, infectious tune by Gershwin. Originally a piano piece, it works fine for quartet!

Title: The Easy Winners

Composer: Scott Joplin

Level: Intermediate

A classic Joplin rag with a catchy theme.

Title: That's Amore

Composer: Harry Warren

Level: Intermediate

A wonderful song made famous by Dean Martin. A great sing-a-long number for weddings.

Title: Pulcinella Overture

Composer: Pergolesi / Stravinsky

Level: Intermediate

This fantastic Baroque piece is Stravinsky's take on Pergolesi - with a very famous melody. This version is nearer to Pergolesi's original as most of Stravinsky's dissonances have been left out. A Great processional wedding piece!

Title: Annie's Song

Composer: John Denver

Level: Intermediate

This beautiful song translates very well into
quartet form with all parts having lots of melodic interest.

Title: Gilbert & Sullivan Medley

Composer: A Sullivan

Level: Intermediate

Includes 6 of the best-known G&S themes, such as '3 little maids', 'I am the very model..' and 'Take a pair of sparkling eyes'.


Title: March Militaire

Composer: Schubert

Level: Intermediate

A lively march with central trio section.

Title: Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (Nabucco)

Composer: Verdi

Level: Intermediate

This stirring chorus contains one of opera's most memorable melodies, "Va, Pensiero..."

Title: Annen Polka

Composer: J Strauss

Level: Intermediate

A delicately poised polka, full of Viennese grace and charm.

Title: 'Pizzicato' from Sylvia

Composer: Delibes

Level: Intermediate

This sprightly ballet piece rivals the Pizzicato Polka as the most famous pizzicato piece!

Title: Clog Dance from 'La Fil Mal Gardee'

Composer: Herold

Level: Intermediate

An infectious, quirky piece from Herold's classic ballet.

Title: El Choclo (Tango)

Composer: Villoldo

Level: Intermediate

An authentic Argentian tango - passionate and

Title: Waltz from 'Swan Lake'

Composer: Tchaikovsky

Level: Intermediate

The famous Waltz from Tchaikovsky's score for 'Swan Lake' is one of the most memorable pieces of ballet music ever written. It is arranged here in a slightly abridged version.

Title: Dance of the Cygnets

Composer: Tchaikovsky

Level: Intermediate

Another classic piece of ballet music from 'Swan Lake'.

Title: Wonderful World

Composer: Theile/Weiss

Level: Easy

Louis Armstrong's big hit is exquisite in its simplicity.

Title: Washington Post

Composer: Sousa

Level: Intermediate

A stirring Sousa march with great catchy melodies.

Title: 'Pie Jesu' from the Requiem

Composer: G. Faure

Level: Intermediate

Faure's solemn, haunting piece is very apt for memorial concerts or funerals.

Title: Mazurka from 'Coppelia'

Composer: Delibes

Level: Intermediate

A lively, rustic mazurka with a well-known, infectious tune.

Title: Hungarian March

Composer: Traditional, arr. Berlioz

Level: Intermediate

This lively piece was famously arranged by Berlioz in 'The Damnation of Faust'.

Title: Love theme from Romeo & Juliet

Composer: Tchaikovsky

Level: Intermediate

One of the most romantic themes ever penned, arranged as a separate piece.

Title: Fur Elise

Composer: Beethoven

Level: Intermediate

Beethoven's famous piano miniature is always popular with the general public.

Title: Stars and Stripes Forever

Composer: JP Sousa

Level: Intermediate

This popular march tune is an instant toe-tapper. Known better by Brits as the football song 'Here we go, here we go, here we go'!

Title: Ave Verum

Composer: Mozart

Level: Easy

This beautiful choral piece is perfect for church services with its contemplative feel and sublime harmonies.

Title: Tomo y Obligo

Composer: Gardel

Level: Intermediate

Another great tango by the composer of 'Por Una Cabeza'

Title: Hernando's Hideaway/Light My Fire

Composer: Ross/The Doors

Level: Intermediate

The classic tango from 'The Pyjama Game' is here coupled with a fun latin pop version of the Door's classic.

Title: Habanera

Composer: Ernesto Halffter

Level: Intermediate

A beautiful, gentle habanera with a relaxed latin feel.

Title: Air from Suite in D

Composer: JS Bach

Level: Easy

Also known as Air on the G String, this is one of Bach's most famous themes.

Title: Eine Kliene Nachtmusik, 1st Mvt

Composer: Mozart

Level: Intermediate

Essential for any gigging quartet, Mozart's bold opening will capture everyone's attention and create that lively but sophisticated atmosphere.

Title: Eine Kliene Nachtmusik, 2nd Mvt

Composer: Mozart

Level: Intermediate

This 'Romance' is Mozart at his most charming and graceful.

Title: God Save the Queen
(in USA, 'America' (My country 'tis of thee))

Composer: Anon.

Level: Easy

It's always good to have a copy of this in your repertoire. You never know when an occasion may call for it!

Title: The Star Spangled Banner

Composer: John Stafford Smith?

Level: Easy

Of use to quartets in the US, this arrangement is in the singable key of A major.